The steps below will outline how to get started using the WP Flashcard WordPress plugin:

  1. Download the file to your computer from either the thank you page or confirmation email you recieved after your license purchase
  2. Log into your WordPress website dashboard you intend on installing the plugin to
  3. Navigate to the Plugins menu section and click on "Add New"
  4. From the Add Plugins page, click on "Upload Plugin"
  5. Click on "Choose File"
  6. Select the file you downloaded to your computer (please note: it may have a different name depending on which license you purchased)
  7. Click "Install Now"
  8. Once the plugin is installed, click to activate the plugin
  9. Once the plugin is activated, you will see a new menu item named "Flash Cards" and you will see a "Flash Card License" sub-menu item
  10. Click on the "Flash Card License" menu item
  11. You will see a page to enter your license key along with an activation button
  12. Click the activation button after entering your license key to unlock the features and settings of the plugin
  13. You will see all the options available for creating and using the plugin after license activation